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3D Sculpt Brows Care Instructions


The duration of 3D Semi-permanent Eyebrows very much depends on how they are being treated. To prolong their life it is important to follow these guidelines, so make sure to give your clients the appropriate information or aftercare leaflet.

• Please take extra care during the first 24hrs following treatment. That's how long it takes for the adhesive to set and it is normal to experience some brow loss during that time. Avoid getting them wet during that time. 

• Do not pick, pull or rub your eyebrows, 

• You should only use the range of recommended aftercare products for your new eyebrows and follow the directions for use closely 

• If you no longer wish to have 3D Brows you will have to come to your technician to have them professionally taken off. Inappropriate removal may result in damaged natural eyebrows. 

• Oily products will soften the bond and make your brows fall out sooner. Avoid these near eyebrow area. 

• After 24 hour period, water can touch the eyebrows, but make sure shampoo or conditioner also not run through them. Do not apply any oily products before 

showering. Avoid touching brows while in shower. 

• If you feel an itch, just press gently. 

• To wash them, allow light water stream to run through them without any rubbing and dab carefully with towel.  For better cleaning, use tea tree cleanser, here, and apply with a lint free applicator then rinse and dab dry with a microfiber towel. 

• At anytime if you find than an eyebrow has moved out of place, just gently push it back into place like you would do with your own eyebrows. 

• Be careful when putting on clothes over-head; just ensure you try not to pull on hairs with clothes. 

• Eyebrow mascara can be used to secure extensions into place when you find they are getting messier. 

• Sauna and steam can be attended, but only 24 hrs after treatment. Do not touch your brows while in sauna or steam. 

• Finally, enjoy results and contact your technician if you have any questions. 

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