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  • What should I expect?


We will begin the procedure with a detailed consultation.  Reviewing what we see in your brows and different options to create the desired shape that we discuss to best suit your face shape. We will then tint your brows if necessary. Once we have achieved the best color of brows for you, we will shape your brows.  We use antibacterial thread to shape your brows because threading is the best method to give you a great, clean shape without exfoliating or affecting your skin. Therefore, creating a great canvas for your Sleek Brows procedure to begin. Now, this is where the magic happens!  We will now Sculpt your Brows! We will begin creating the desired look with our signature sculpting paint and/or eyebrow extensions made for synthetic mink. 

  • Can I wear brow makeup?



Although, we believe that you will not need brow makeup with your 3D Sculpt Brows, you may choose to use a brow powder and/or brow gel towards the end of your brow cycle to hold you over until your next appointment. We recommend that you use oil free make-up remover or Witch Hazel to cleanse the brows daily. Apply with a lint free makeup applicator and remove in the same direction of hair growth. 

  • How do I clean my brows?


It is important that you clean your brows daily.  Failure to clean the brows will create natural oil build up and actually shorten the life of your 3D Sculpt Brows. It can also cause irritations and reactions from bacteria, dirt and debri. Spray tea tree water cleanser/witch hazel/oil free cleanser, onto a lint free applicator and gently rub in the direction of hair growth.  You may rinse with cool water and dab with a microfiber towel. It is important to note that cotton and terry cloth can catch onto your brows and pull not only your brow extensions but your natural brows with it. Be cautious when pulling clothes over your head and drying your face with a towel. 


  • How long will they last?


Depending on your skin type and aftercare, your brows will last 2-3 weeks until you will need a new set. For oily skin or those that sweat often, be sure to dab the brow dry throughout the day to keep the oils and natural salts from your skin from breaking down the product. If you sleep on your side or face, the friction from your pillow can cause the brows to lose retention, sooner. We recommend that you attempt to sleep on your back and refrain from rubbing your brows at all cost.  Generally, your first 3D Sculpt Brows treatment will last for a shorter time than the rest of your treatments due to you getting used to having the product on your brows and getting well acquainted with aftercare. 


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