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Sandy has been an educator in the world of aesthetics since 2015 and LOVES to teach her techniques as well as all the tips in tricks that she has learned over the years, so that you don't have to learn from mistakes and can create beautiful work that has lasting results to yield consistency that clients will know to trust.

Sandy specializes in all things lashes, brows and lips and firmly believes that when you specialize, you hone in on a skill level that can catapult you to being one of the best in your area.  We LOVE to see it!

What to expect from EVERY class?

  • Optimal 1-on-1 Time: Small & intimate classes with a max of 4 students to allow for more personalized experiences.

  • Theory: Learn all about the anatomy of the area we are working on as well as the  differences in skin &/or hair and what how to treat varying types to create optimal results.

  • Models: Watch Sandy perform on a live model so that you are able to ask questions and experience a full session with her. You will feel what she is feeling & see what she is seeing as she is performing the service to give you confidence when it is your turn! You will also perform the service on a live model so that she can direct/guide you in real time throughout the entire process.

  • Business Secrets: Learn every app we use to create our social media posts, how to create engagement and discuss how to start and/or enhance your business practice.

  • NO GATEKEEPING: We tell you EVERYTHING! We are honest with our answers and keep everything on the real real with you!  The nitty gritty, the good, the bad, the AMAZING! After 12 years in the industry, we have experienced all facets of business ownership, customer relations and service whoas. We are here to help prevent our industry from making BIG mistakes by giving real life scenarios and letting you know what happened and how to prevent/fix it.

  • Coaching after class: Have a question while you're with a client? Send us a photo and we will answer questions you may have. (We do try to limit this during business hours for the sake of our family. Work-Life balance is very important to us!)

  • Full Kit: Receive products needed to help you be able to immediately take clients at your location! (PMU classes will have machine add on option if taking multiple PMU classes with Sandy Dav)

  • Service Discount: Wear it to Sell it! All classes you partake in, you will receive 25% off those services at Sandy Dav Studios.  So, when someone asks you about your lashes, brows or lips, you are able to tell them that YOU provide the service.


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June 10 SOLD OUT

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