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ALL BROWS CREATED EQUAL! No Matter the method, prices are the same dependent on Artist's Level.


New Client: $800 Total

$75 Scheduling Fee*

$600 at 1st session

$125 at 6-9 week touch up

*$75 Scheduling fee to secure your appointment. Can be paid at your consultation. This fee is non refundable and will go towards your service amount 

Color Boost:

Permanent cosmetics will fade over time.  Depending on your preference and saturation desired, it can be 3+ months since your last session.  We offer various pricing depending on how long it has been sine your last session.

  • <6 months post: $150

  • 7-12 months post: $200

  • 13-23 months post: $275

  • 24+ months post: $375

  • 30+ months post: $425


New Client: $500 Total

in 2 Brow Sessions and 3 payments

$75 Scheduling Fee* 

$325 (1st session+6-9wk Touch up $100=$500)

  • <6 Months post: $100

  • 7-12 Months Post: $150

  • 13+ Months post: $225

  • $24+ Months post: $300

*Scheduling fee is to secure your appointment. Can be paid at your consultation. This fee is non refundable and will go towards your service amount 

NEW: NANO Stroke

A New technique that gives you those soft hair strokes with a less invasive procedure.  Although, Microblading, when done right is a beautiful technique to create fluffy brows, it is not appropriate for delicate, thin or diabetic skin. By using our machine to create fine lines, we welcome NANO Strokes to take microblading's place for these clients. By using our machine to create these strokes, we have more control over the depth of the stroke and they heal soft and true to color. NANO Stroke Brows still may not be suitable for oily skin as the oils in the skin causes pigment to expand and fade faster, therefore, causing the strokes to appear to lose precision, shape and color more quickly than Ombré Shading technique: Our preferred method for oily skin.


Wake up with naturally beautiful brows. Microblading brows are created stroke by stroke to create a perfect shape.  Microblading is not for everyone and does not work well with skin with large pores or oily skin.  We recommend a consultation for this method.  You can book on or text photos to (816)698.2686 for an over the phone consult as we know many travel far to see us! 


Ombre | Shading


Not your great aunt's, old school brow tattoo. Brow tattooing has come a long way! Wake up with defined brows with a soft make-up look.  Very natural, this look creates a more filled in brow by using a machine method to fill in the brows with layered pixels to create a light shadow effect. This technique is customized to the client's desired look to create softness towards the front and darker definition towards the tail.

Volume Lashes

COMBO | Microblading|Nano Stroke +Ombre Shading

Want fluff AND definition?

This method is quickly becoming our most popular brow service and we know why!  The best of both worlds! Receive a mixture of both hair stroke and shading with our combo method. We will discuss in detail how we will blend the strokes and shading as there are many ways to combine these techniques for the best results to fit your lifestyle. 

*If you have had cosmetic tattoo performed on your brows before visiting Sandy Dav LLC, please, send a photo without makeup to us for a more accurate quote. 

Note: Please, do not have injections or botox performed within 21 days of your procedure. Do not take ANY non prescribed medications that can be considered blood thinners 48 hours before and 72 hours after your procedure. 


Saline Removal

Saline Removal is the process of using saline and essentially pushing the pigment out of your skin with a Cosmetics machine and needles. The rate is by the hour and can take 4+ sessions to successfully remove the pigment from the areas. This is dependant on the size of the removal job and how deep the ink/pigment we are trying to remove is, as it may take longer to come to the surface of the skin. Each session requires a 9 week resting period between them to allow the skin to fully heal before performing the next session. Please, schedule a consultation to discuss if this option is right for you. 

Lip Blushing

 The Lip Blushing* world has, finally, made its way to Kansas City & we are HERE FOR IT! This lusciously soft technique is a great way to create a fuller and more even lip with a subtle color tone. Imagine a lip stain rather than a lipstick. Great for everyday, "Wake Up Like This" lips. If your vermillion border of your lips have faded and become uneven with age, you will LOVE THIS!

Price: New Client- $550

First Touch Up 7-9 weeks later: $150

Touch Up 6-11 mo post $200

Touch Up 12-23mo post $250

Touch Up 24+mo Post $300

*Not suitable for those that are susceptible to hyperpigmentation on or around the lips.  If you have ANY history of Cold Sores , please, see your doctor for preventative measures as this procedure can cause a flare up as it causes temporary stress to the lips. ANY HISTORY OF COLD SORES! Even when you were 4 because your Aunt Sally Sue didn't know not to kiss you on the lips!

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