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  • What is Microblading or Ombré Brows?  

Microblading is a technique that is a form of cosmetic tattoo. Microblading is a form of opening the skin to insert pigment using a fine blade made of needles and lasts 12-18+ months until a color boost touch up is needed. Microblading is not suitable for those with oily skin or large pores.  Also, not recommended for those with thin skin as the pigment can expand and heal too cool.  Ombré Brows is suitable for a majority of skin/hair/lifetstyle types as it is a method using a PMU Machine that implants pixels of pigments.  We layer these pixels to create more density where needed and use less layers to create a softer effect.  Combination of the two are also suitable for those with thin/oily skin as we will choose the areas of ombre shading where micro blading is not recommended.

  • What should I expect?

We will begin the procedure with a detailed consultation.  Reviewing what we see in your brows and different options to create the desired shape that we discuss to best suit your face shape. Depending on the brow service of choice (Microblading, Ombré or a Combination of both) we will then  make a template/draw a pattern for your new brows.  We both must approve the template to begin as we use this template to create our outline or first layer of shape. We will discuss color options and how they will likely heal under your skin.  After this, we will being the process of giving you brows to wake up to! 


Please, review the aftercare section to thoroughly understand the healing process and reason for your second session within 6-8 weeks. 

  • Does it hurt?

Although these procedures break the skin, my goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the entire procedure.  I numb your skin at the beginning and during the procedure I will apply more anesthetic if necessary.  Many say that it mostly feels likes light scratching from a dull fingernail and only slightly tender towards the end of the service. Many even fall asleep during this time!  


  • Will you shave my natural eyebrows?

No!  Your natural brows stay in tact!  In fact, I recommend you have your brows shaped, tints and filled in by me 3-5 days before your procedure so that we are ready to go at your microblading service and only the brows that are needed during the service is there! Otherwise, I will shave the area around the template we create just before we begin the actual service. 

  • Can I wear makeup?

To help ensure you have a fast and healthy healing process, it is recommended that you do not wear makeup on or around the brows. Ensure no residual makeup (powder/liquid) falls onto your brows.  Clean and dry brows throughout the day will help your brows heal nice and easy. 

  • What is the aftercare?

 Please, check out the CARE page for aftercare info:


  • How do they look as the heal?

Permanent Brows is a 2 step process.  You will go through the entire healing process twice, 6 to 8 weeks apart from each other. After your procedure the process is as follows:

The first 2 days: Your brows will look new and fresh.  As it is still at the beginning phases and hasn't started to form new skin from the strokes created.

Days 3-7(up to 12 days): Your brows will begin the most visible part of their healing process.  The lymph will dry and begin to scab over(amount of scabbing varies client to client.) They will retain then release the pigment back into the skin once they are ready and flake off, naturally.

Weeks 2-5: Your skin will look completely healed.  You can start applying makeup once scabs are finished flaking off. It will look as if the pigment did not take and you didn't receive microblading!  OH NO! Just kidding.  Your new skin comes in opaque and as it keeps healing, it will gain transparency. This can take up to 5 weeks post procedure. 

Week 6-8:  Come in for your touch up and experience the above, again, only BETTER!

  • How will the hair strokes look when they heal?

Every client heals differently.  Just like with any treatment, service or even procedure done by a doctor, results may vary.  Your strokes will heal under the skin, therefore, will soften/lighten by 20-30%. Depending on your skin type and how your skin reacts to the pigment, your strokes may remain crisp or blur(usually for oily skin or skin with large pores, but I have been pleasantly surprised by clients with this skin type as well! ).  

The reason your touch up is included is because your skin usually reacts more positively to the procedure the second time and we can perfect the areas where the stroked didn't take as well. It also is beneficial for 2 sessions if I believe that you will heal less crisp, I will space out the strokes so they have less of a chance of migrating and turning into a shadow. We then fill in the spaces at the touch up to create a full brow effect. 

  • How long will they last?

Depending on sun exposure, skin type, skin products used, etc., your semi-permanent brows will need a color reboost at 12-18 months. 


  • Will they be perfect after the second session/first touch up?

Again, depending on the skin and how it reacts to the pigment, some heal perfect after the 1st procedure, and some may need a 2nd touch up. It all depends on the results you are looking for, the aftercare and how you heal.  

  • How much is the color reboost?

Price is dependent on the time sine your last appointment.  Please, check out, here, on current prices.

  • Will it fade completely after 12-18 months?

The  color will lighten and with the advances in pigment formulations they generally will fade into a lighter version of the brow color you healed from 6 weeks after your your touch up session.  That is why it is called a reboost of color. We just want to bring the color back to life at your reboost session!

Each client will heal and fade differently.  Some clients will go 2-3 years before needing a color boost.  Others will be ready just before the 1 year mark.  It is subjective. So, when you're ready for a boost, just book online or give us a call to book your appointment. 

  • Can I receive botox/fillers?

To better create symmetry for your face, do not receive botox and fillers on the brow area and forehead at least 2 weeks before your procedure. You can resume receiving botox and fillers after you finish healing(10-14 DAYS).

  • Should I take aspirin before the service?

Aspirins, alcohol, and other blood thinners are not to be consumed 48 hours before and hours after the procedure.  This can affect your procedure and healing process negatively.  We do not recommend you stop taking any prescribed medication, but ask your primary care physician if permanent brows are right for you and if any medication you are currently taking is a contraindication. 

  • How will I shower or clean my face?

Yes, the aftercare as extensive, but not impossible and only for a short period of time! 

-Take short showers that aren't hot/steamy.

-Shower away from the shower head to prevent shampoo, conditioner and excess wetness to get on your brows.

-Wash your face at the sink and use a washcloth to carefully wash around your brows.

I find during your daily and nightly routine, it is the easiest time to perform your brow cleanse.

  • How do I book?!

You may book Ombré and Combo Method brows, here. As you may have noticed, Microblading is not an option on online booking.  Microblading is not for everyone and results vary. I like to consult with each client to go over the procedure, answer any questions and determine if one is a good candidate. You can book your consultation, here. Coming from far away and would like to have your consultation over the phone? You can text (816)698.2686 a photo of your brows(Include your hair and nose) with makeup and your face without makeup or set up a consultation. Consultations are complimentary and only 15 minutes. I will not reapply or shape your brows during this time.  If you would like brow shaping and/or fill in, please, schedule for "brow design" and we can consult for microblading during this time. 

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