Brows are in! Sleek Brows 3D Brow Building is a new,comprehensive treatment to the USA that will give the look and feel of fuller, natural brows. Sleek Brows is more than just extensions.  Besides building your brows with synthetic mink fibers, Sleek Brows has created a texturized sculpting paint to make this procedure ideal for those that have experienced brow loss or have suffered from the over tweezing trend of what we call, “the 90s”.


These brows are customized for you by your brow therapist at Lustre Lashes & Brows. First, we will have a quick consultation about your brows and what you would like to achieve with your brows.  Then, I will choose which treatment process will be best for us to give you the best results! Everything is non-invasive and many will nap during the procedure! First, I will tint your brows to give depth and color to your brows. Then, I will use the threading method to remove excess hair and create a clean shape for your brows. Finally, I will either use one or both Sleek Brows techniques, building or sculpting, to create the new, fuller brows for you! 



** All Sleek Brows Services include Brow Shaping and tinting(if needed).

A $35-55 value! 


Level 1: 3D Sculpting Only: $65/30 min

Sculpting only is great for those with plenty brows, that are just too fine to create a full look. Filling in with some sculpt can make all the difference! 

Level 2: 3D Sculpting & Light Extensions: $75/45min

Ideal for those with fullness in some areas that needs a little extra help in areas such as the ends or the arch. 

Level 3: 3D Sculpting & Natural Extensions: $90/1 hr 

Great for those with thin brows and wanting to add a little thickness to enhance their shape!


Level 4: 3D Sculpting & Full Extensions: $110/ 1.25hr

A practically full build made for those with very little brows and wanting to create the full Kardashian/ J-Lo brows that are in style! This is a great pre-requisite for Microblading so that you may wear a new shape around before you commit to it! 




Includes threading/sugaring/precision tweezing


Tint those light/fine hairs to make your brows look fuller without makeup. Lasts up to 3-4 weeks!

Brow Design

Includes threading/ precision tweezing and our signature tinting to create the look of fuller brows for 2-3 weeks! 

Henna Brow Stain

Looking for a little more brow coverage?!Try Henna brow stain that lasts on the skin for 1-3 weeks! It is exactly how it sounds.  Henna that is formulated with colors that match brow hair/brow makeup!

Henna Brow Design

Includes brow shaping & henna brow stain! 


Price List:

                   Specialist  Star  Expert  Master             
  Shaping        20        23      26         30
  Tinting           20        23      26         30
  Brow Design  35        40      45         50
  Henna Stain   25        28      31         35
  Henna Brow   40        45      52         57



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